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The Felo program for estimating sport fencers objectively

Felo calculates Felo ratings for fencers. Felo ratings give a good impression about a fencer's fencing strength. The program is intended for fencing groups for having an additional incentive, or even for having a criterion for team selections and seedings.

Quite reliable ratings for a couple of fencers is already possible after a few intensive training days. There is no real upper limit. The only thing necessary is that the results of as many bouts as possibly must be collected and typed into the computer; the calculation itself is very quick.

The program can be used conveniently through a graphical user interface. Additionally, for the enthusiasts among you, it is possible to use just the core of this program in order to build own applications around it, e.g. for updating a club webpage automatically.

The Felo program is Free Software. In particular, this means that it can be distributed freely, and everybody is allowed to download the source code and to modify it. Its author, however, would be very happy if you – in case you use the program – send him a postcard (T. Bronger, Lochnerstraße 7, 52064 Aachen, Germany; please include the RWTH fencers in your greetings, we are glad to hear from fellow fencing groups). Additionally, you can help by providing a translation to a foreign language.

This manual also exists as Collection of HTML files (also zipped), as one single HTML page, and as PDF file.

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This manual is about the Felo program which allows to estimate sport fencers in an objective manner. It is inspired by the Elo rating system in chess.

Copyright © 2006 Torsten Bronger <bronger@physik.rwth-aachen.de>.

This documentation is Free Software; you can distribute it and modify it freely under the terms of the MIT license.