Felo translation guide

The program Felo is an open source program, which in this case includes that I've programmed it in my spare time. Obviously, such a project lives on the contributions of volunteers. One way to contribute is to translate the program and its documentation, or to correct, improve, or enhance the existing one. So far, we only have English and German, because these languages happen to be the ones I speak and write.

The following parts need to be translated into foreign languages:

The list is sorted with descending importance. Of course, the documentation is a lot of work. However, a short tutorial is sufficient for a start. It can refer to the English documentation for further information.

Moreover, it is not necessary to translate the program fully. Its translations are organised in a way that missing translations are left in English. Equally it is not necessary to translate the whole bunch of program, boilerplate, installer, and licence. Every bit can help. You may translate as far as you have time to do it, and another translator can continue from where you've stopped.

(There is one exception to that rule: the group parameters. They must be translated fully or not at all because otherwise, it would be very confusing for the user.)

How to do it?

Just click in the table below on what you wish to contribute to.

As for the “boilerplate“ and the licence: Just open the editor of your choice and translate it. In the boilerplate file, translate only the lines starting with “#” (the comments). If you wish, you may translate the names of the example fencers, too. In the English original, they are names from Star Wars and Warner Cartoons but you may find nicer names for your country.

As for the program itself: Although it's a plain text file, you should use a PO-aware editor. For Windows, I recommend poEdit. For Linux, you may use poEdit, Emacs, or KBabel. Translate the sentence "English translation by Torsten Bronger." with your language and your name, so that you are mentioned in the About window of the Felo program.

After you've finished, send your contribution to me (bronger@physik.rwth-aachen.de). You may also contact me if you have any questions about the meaning of some expressions or about the technical aspects of the translation.

Current status

language program boilerplate licence documentation translator
English done done done done Torsten Bronger
German done done done done Torsten Bronger
French done done nothing not available yet Pierre Gergondet
Spanish under construction not available yet  
Italian under construction not available yet  
All other
nothing nothing nothing not available yet Your name here
effort 120 sentences 7 sentences 4 long sentences 350 sentences