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1 Quick start

  1. Download Felo and install it.
  2. Start Felo. In the editor window, you enter a row of equal signs. Then, you enter the fencers of your group. The name, a tab stop <Tab>, and the initial estimate (as estimated by you):
              Alexander          1600
              Julia              1400
              Christian          1600
              Mike               1300

    The initial estimates typically lie between 1300 and 1800 points. The greater, the better the fencer.

  3. Enter another row of equal signs, and after it the bout results:
              2006-05-01      Alexander -- Julia   5:3
                              Alexander -- Mike    5:1
                              Julia -- Mike        5:3
                              Julia -- Alexander   1:5
                              Mike -- Alexander    2:5
                              Julia -- Mike        5:10
                              Alexander -- Mike    9:10
              2006-05-08      Christian -- Mike    10:5

    Dates and result must be separated by tab stops <Tab>, and opponents by two dashes.

  4. Click in the menu on “Calculate” – “Calculate Felo ratings”. A window opens with the current Felo ratings for all fencers. After the next training day, you can append the new bout results and calculate the then current Felo ratings. And so on.